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Welcome to our website Babel


Once you use our site, this necessarily means that you are bound by the terms and conditions established after; That is why we call on you to review and review the provisions contained therein. If you do not like these provisions, you should not continue to look at the information available on our website.


Second: compliance with the agreement

Once you accept the terms and conditions of the agreement contained therein, with regard to your website and its sections previously referred to by the term (EB calc & EB Tools), what is contained in this agreement is the contract between you and us, with the cancellation of all agreements that conflict with this agreement, Our site pertains to the content and services that the site provides to you on the site, or what is done through it and in its name.

Noting that this Agreement may be amended in the future from time to time by us, without any prior notice or notice to you, and we will publish an updated version of this Agreement through our website, or any update of it, and you only need to review it before taking any action of you, arising from any rights or any relationship you may have with the site, of any kind.


Third: Copyright

All content of the agreement in all its forms and images is protected by copyright law, proprietary rights and publicized marks, for example, but not limited to, any copying or quoting of what is stated on the site is prohibited, and publishing any content on the site does not mean a waiver of any right of The rights attached to it, or entailed by it.


Fourth: the well-known marks

The Electronic Bubble website is a trademark, and it is a private property of its owner, Ammar Amer, and enjoys all rights, guarantees, and compensations, guaranteed by law to those with rights or stakeholders.


Fifth: Modification, addition, or deletion

The site reserves the right, at its own will, and without reference to third parties, of whatever capacity, the right to modify, add or delete what is stated in any content displayed on the site, or for its benefit.


Sixth: tort liability

The publisher on the site bears full sole responsibility for what is stated in the content published on the site, and also bears the rights of third parties, without any responsibility on the site for the origin or nature of the published content. Such publication does not constitute solidarity with you in any way with respect to the rights of third parties.


Seventh: The right of disposal

The site has the right and freedom to publish or delete what is included in the content of materials that do not comply with the terms of the agreement or the site policy while preserving the right to cancel the registration if it exists. As a result of publication, or any of the effects resulting from your breach or abusive use of the site, intentionally or unintentionally, it is not permissible for you to pay by you or your agent through ignorance in any way.

Eighth: Scope of Responsibility

Any content posted on the site, or for its benefit, is at the risk of its owner, without any express or implied warranties on the site to third parties; As the content may contain electronic worms or otherwise, the site or the parties allied with it shall not be liable for material or moral damages to third parties; Even if this resulted from negligence or negligence, even if the site had any prior information about these damages as possible, or certain to occur, which may be inflicted on you or others, directly or indirectly.

Ninth: Right of use

Once you agree to the agreement, you authorize us to use the information contained in the content without prior permission, or to refer to you in any way, without being bound by any restriction or condition, and without being bound by any period of time, long or short.

Tenth: Rights related to third parties

The site is not responsible for the rights of third parties, and for any transactions that take place through the advertisements published on the site, through it or with its knowledge, (the source), whether these rights are express or implied, and that the transactions that take place based on what is published on the site is a transaction between Its original parties, the seller and the buyer, or their representatives, and the site is not a party to this relationship or agreement.


Eleventh: Site Policy

The site has an absolute privacy policy in modifying the content as mentioned above, and it is an integral part of the agreement.


Twelfth: Links to other websites

The links contained in the site, according to your agreement to this agreement, are not responsible for the accuracy of the content posted on those links, and the site is not responsible for examining or checking the contents of those links.


Thirteenth: Copyrights and Their Agents

Once you review this agreement, you are responsible under it with respect to the copyrights and their agents, and the rights holders, whoever they are, and in the event of a quotation that harms the right of the publisher, you are legally bound by it, and you must provide the site with any documents that would negate these rights.



All the terms of the agreement are one and indivisible, and if accepted, it means acceptance in one sentence, without alleging any ambiguity or ambiguity in its articles.