Privacy Policy

The site appreciates the concerns and interests of its customers on the privacy of their data on the Internet, and accordingly, the privacy policy has been prepared; To help its customers understand the nature of the data collected by the site administrators from its customers when they visit our Electronic Bubble website and its sections (EB Calc & EB Tools), on the Internet, and how we deal with our customers’ personal data.

Therefore, we note to our valued customers about the privacy policy of our website as follows:


First: browsing

The administrators of the Electronic Bubble website, and its sections EB Calc & EB Tools, did not aim to penetrate the personal data of its visitors or violate their privacy from their own devices while browsing the site, but the data provided by the visitors will be used with their knowledge and voluntarily only, in accordance with Site Agreement.


Second: IP – device

We would like to point out to our valued visitors that when they visit any website, the host server will record the IP of their device on the Internet, the time of the visit, the type of the browser on the Internet, as well as the URL of any website that refers them to any website On the web.

Any process of erasing my data, or my information, that we do on the network helps us to collect specific data only, such as data related to the questionnaire about your opinion and feeling about our site.

We also consider any responses received from you to be of the utmost importance and respect; It helps us to develop and improve the performance of our site. As for your other name and personal data, it is up to you to provide it.


Third: Links to other websites on the Internet

Sometimes your Electronic Bubble website may include links to other sites on the World Wide Web, or advertisements from sites such as Google AdSense.

In the event that you wish to view the confidentiality policy of these sites, you can achieve this by accessing the links of those sites.

The site often uses third-party advertising organizations; To display their advertisements when you visit our website, these organizations may see information about your visit to those websites, except for your name, address, email, and telephone number; For the purpose of presenting advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you, if you would like to see more information regarding this matter or available options, please click here.


Fourth: confidentiality of information

Maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of all your personal data over time is our responsibility, and it will not be disclosed except at the request of a legal entity, or when there is good faith in its request, in line with the law, or in order to protect the intellectual property rights of this site, or beneficiaries other.


Fifth: Special data for executing transactions

When we ask you for your personal data, it is requested voluntarily, and the matter is requesting it is due to help us in communicating with you and completing your requests whenever possible.

And that your data is not misused or sold to any of the parties, without your prior written consent, unless it is public and collective data, and used for research and statistical purposes, without including what refers to you.

In the case of contacting us, your data provided by you will be used strictly confidentially, and the forms submitted that require your data, the purpose is to help us improve our site, and also to be able to respond to all your inquiries, comments or requests from our site or affiliated sites.


Sixth: Managing data

The site does not trade or deal with the data of its visitors with others, or disclose any of it for the benefit of a third party outside the site, or what it follows from other sites, and in the event of disclosing any of those data or information, this is only done at the request of a judicial or regulatory authority As regulated by law.


Seventh: The right to amend the privacy and confidentiality policy of information

The site reserves the right to modify any term or condition of the privacy policy and privacy policy, as necessary, at the discretion of those in charge of the site and its affiliated sites, in accordance with the site policy, with the implementation of such modifications on our main page of the privacy policy, (source) or on The site itself, while informing you on a continuous basis of the data obtained from you, with how it will be used by us, and notifying you of the entity to which such data will be provided if there is a legal requirement or justification for that.


Eighth: Contact us

You can contact us when needed, by clicking on the Contact Us link on our website link or emailing us at

In the end

The confidentiality of your data and privacy is appreciated and respected by us, and there is no justification for any concerns related to this confidentiality, and we hope that we will meet your expectations.