About Us

Electronic Bubble started as an idea in 2014 to be an educational site in [Electronics Engineering – Physics – Mathematics], while many websites, blogs, and forums appeared in these magazines.

The Electronic Bubble website was launched to become a reference and source for projects and electronic circuits that are practically explained, including pictures and videos of practical experience. In addition to its other sections [EB Tools and EB Calc] that specialize in the fields of physics and mathematics.

The source of Electronic Bubble – Electronic Bubble is the foreign websites that provide a lot of annotated projects, but in English or in other languages, and we also use our practical experiences in the field of electronic engineering to provide good content.


Our Goals:

The Electronic Bubble website is only an educational site that aims to provide information that is free of impurities, practically tested, and explained in an easy way to the hobbyist, engineer, or novice in the field.


Website sections:

Learn electronics through educational lessons from a group of engineers known for their mastery in the field of electronics engineering. Electronic projects that contain their own, tested, and explained circuits with pictures and videos, and designed on simulation programs. Communicate with the outside world by learning about the latest robot technology and modern machines. Electronics Books Providing a set of books in the field of electronics engineering and other fields, electricity, and mechanics. Providing a set of simulation programs that are among the electronics man’s tools to test circuits before designing and ensure that the circuit works properly.

Online tools and educational articles in the field of mathematics and physics.

Site plans:

The Electronic Bubble website aims to become a platform for every engineer and electronics hobbyist and to be a participant in providing information in a better way for future generations in this huge field, which has imposed itself on the rest of the other fields, due to its complete dependence on it and the ordinary person’s dependence on it as well in its entirety. Daily life from the surrounding devices to the system and tools in which we live.

You can also help us achieve site plans by supporting us and sending us donations .. and you can do this through Patreon, or Paypal